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Questions To Ask Your Skydiving Instructor

For many people, seeking out an exciting adventure leads them to the door of a plane and their first attempt at skydiving. Before you find yourself in that position, however, you should be fully trained by a professional instructor who can assist with your flight. That training may seem intimidating, but you can cut down on your fear by committing yourself to staying informed. Below, you’ll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your skydiving instructor before your first jump. Having the answers to these questions will allow you to transform your apprehension into excitement and adrenaline, providing you with an experience that you’ll be sure to remember the rest of your life. Ask About Apparel One aspect of skydiving that many people don’t realize is very important is the clothing you wear. Contemporary pop culture portrayals of skydiving show people jumping out of a plane wearing a wide range of clothes, but cutting down on wind resistance and the possibility of injury caused by clothing is actually very important. Most skydiving instructors will request that you wear a simple t-shirt and athletic shorts, along with a solid pair of tennis shoes that can support your weight upon landing. They will usually provide you with a jumpsuit to wear over your clothing, so comfort is key. This will guarantee that you don’t have any superfluous clothing potentially causing injury to you or your instructor by flapping in the high speed wind. Ask About Photos and Video The rush of skydiving is exhilarating, but it’s also fairly temporary. Once you’ve landed, the only way to truly recapture the excitement is to jump again. However, reliving memories of your first time can also help you get back to that place in your mind. Your instructor will be able to assist with your memories by taking photos and video from the ground. If you’ve decided to conduct a tandem jump, you may even be able to have some shots captured from the air, allowing you to share the thrilling perspective with others. Ask About Safety Equipment The natural fear that comes with jumping out of a plane is largely unavoidable, but it can also be combated through information. Fear originates from the unknown, so developing a comprehensive understanding of the safety equipment involved in  your jump will allow you to be much more confident that you’ll get through […]

Choosing An RV Park For Your Family Vacation

Traveling by RV is one of the best ways you can enjoy a family vacation. There are many historic and entertaining venues you can enjoy along your travels, and your family can be close to you the whole time. If you plan on staying put in a single location for a few days or weeks, stopping by an RV park like Longriders RV Park may be your best option. This guide helps you choose an ideal RV park for you and your family to enjoy. Access to water Waterfront RV parks mean that your family can have access to fishing and swimming if they want to. Many RV parks are located right on common lakes or rivers, and may even offer tube or jet ski rentals as an added perk. If your family loves water, this may be the best kind of RV park for you. Modern amenities You may want access to Wi-Fi or other Internet privileges as well as the ability to use a grill, kitchen, or even laundry services. Look for an RV park that has certain amenities you temporarily need so your family can get refreshed and take advantage of a few days’ worth of modern conveniences before hitting the road again. Play areas If your kids are younger, they can get bored at an RV park quickly. To keep their boredom at bay, choose an RV park that has play areas. Some RV parks feature playground equipment, walking paths, gift shops, and even swimming pools to keep their residents happy and engaged. Check the hours these play amenities can be used and whether your children need to be supervised before setting them loose to play. Pet allowances If you are traveling with pets, make sure an RV park allows pets and has an area where you can exercise them before parking your RV for any length of time. Most RV facilities will allow dogs and cats, but you want to make sure the size and breed of your pet will be allowed. There should be a secure or fenced in area for your pets to exercise. Traveling with family in your RV can be an amazingly fun experience if you choose the right RV parks. Since many RV parks feature added benefits to families, you can find the perfect location for your own needs fairly easily. Whether you want a swimming pool or Internet access for […]

3 Summer Skills For The Bored Girl

When it comes to lazy summer days, it can feel great to just sit back and relax in the sun — at first. Around August, however, when temperatures are 2 degrees above obnoxious and the sun seems to fry your skin when you step outside to grab the mail, there’s nothing you’d like more than to retreat inside and crank the air conditioning down as far as you can take. But being inside all day, every day can get boring — you can only marathon Gilmore Girls so many times, after all — so why not teach yourself a new, indoors-y craft? If you’re looking for activities to cut the boredom without breaking a sweat, then here’s what you need to know. Skill #1: Harmonica Unlike most other instruments — piano, flute, etc — this one doesn’t take a knowledge of sheet music nor does it require a piece of expensive equipment. Harmonicas are relatively cheap and don’t take any special physical attributes (such as long fingers for piano or wide hands for guitar) to play well. There are plenty of guides and how-tos on the internet available for free that can teach you, step-by-step, how to achieve that awesome, bluesy feel from an instrument you can pack in your purse. Skill #2: Embroidery Yes, it might sound like the sort of thing your grandmother found fun — but you’d be surprised just how useful and fulfilling embroidery can actually be. Embroidery works on your ultra-fine motor skills, which can help you if, like dental hygienists and robotics technicians, your career depends on your ability to move tiny objects very precisely. Once again, how-to instructions for embroidery litter the internet, as do live demonstrations (which could be more helpful if you find reading instructions too obtuse and abstract). You can also contact a company like All Sports Cresting Ltd to see if they have embroidery patterns or tips. Skill #3: Painting Your Fingernails Sounds like it takes less skill than the previous two activities, right? Wrong. Learning to evenly and cleanly paint your fingernails (both hands, ladies) is simple enough through repetition, but learning to construct patterns, pallets, and pictures can take a lot of imagination (and not a small amount of polish, either). The fine motor skills involved with painting your nails can help you be more precise and methodical in other areas of your life — much like playing video […]

Troubleshooting Boat Engine Stalling Problems

Stalling on the water can mean a real disaster, especially if your boat is too big to maneuver with oars. If you’re trying to get a forward motion, but can’t get more than a few inches without the engine sputtering to a stop, consider a few inspection and troubleshooting points that could make your engine seaworthy before risking a crisis on the water. Engine Stalling Scenario: Idle Power, But Throttle Failure One of the most deceptive engine problems is throttle failure. The engine starts up just fine and seems to be running efficiently while idle, but as soon as you try to pick up speed, the entire engine shuts down. To pinpoint the problem, you’ll need to inspect for debris as well as mechanical failure. The first thing to check for is tangling debris. Fishing line, ropes, tough weeds and other winding debris can build up over time, leading to a constricting spool that can slow down your engine. Depending on the amount of debris, the engine may start and then fail at throttle or not start at all. The carburetor–which mixes air with liquid fuel in order to begin the combustion process–can also be clogged with debris. It works in the same way as a car’s carburetor, but can be corroded more quickly if exposed to salt water. For solid clogging issues, try using an air compressor to blow away anything that you see. You can use a knife or hatchet to cut away any winding debris that may be cutting the system, but be careful of damaging anything with a sharp blade. If the entire engine (or impeller, if using a large, exposed impeller system) is tightly bound in debris, take the engine to a professional for careful cleaning. Fuel Filter Clogging And Failure Fuel filters are designed to reduce the debris and heavy metals that may be present in liquid fuel. They need to be cleaned regularly in any system that uses fuel, but boats need to be checked more often due to the higher amount of regular humidity and other moisture exposure. When you check the fuel filter, be sure to inspect carefully for damage. If you notice that the filter is punctured or the filter’s frame is damaged, there may be heavy debris that needs to be extracted by a professional. You or your boat maintenance team may be installing the filter incorrectly, which could lead to […]

Understanding Canadian Firearms Licenses

If you are a legal Canadian citizen who is considering the purchase of a firearm, then it is vital that you understand the Firearms Act. The Firearms Act dictates that you must obtain a license to purchase, own, and/or transport a firearm within Canada’s borders. There are currently four different types of firearm licenses: Possession-Only License (POL) Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) Restricted Firearms License Prohibited Firearms License  These license options cover the purchase, ownership, and transfer of all three classes of firearms: non-restricted restricted prohibited Here is some information to help you better understand each of the different types of Canadian firearm licenses: The Possession-Only License (POL)     The Possession-Only License (POL) is a license that allows for the possession and use of firearms that you already own, but it does not allow you to purchase any new firearms. This type of license is granted to minors between the ages of twelve and seventeen. To apply for a POL a minor must first complete a Canadian firearms safety course. In addition to minors, POL licenses are currently renewed for those who obtained the license before the Firearms Act was enacted in 1995. The Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) The Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) is a license that allows for the purchase, possession, and transfer of firearms within Canada. This type of license is required to obtain a firearm that is non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited by anyone over the age of eighteen. In order to be granted a PAL, you first must complete an approved Canadian firearms safety course. Once you have obtained the certificate of completion for your course, then you can apply for your firearms license. The Restricted Firearms License The Restricted Firearms License (RFL) allows you to purchase both restricted and non-restricted firearms, but it does not give you the ability to purchase firearms that are classified as prohibited. RFLs are granted to Canadians who are over the age of eighteen, who have completed the following two courses: Canadian Firearms Safety Course Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course Just as with the PAL, once you have completed the safety courses then you can apply for an RFL. Upon the granting of your RFL, you will be required to file a copy of it with your local police station.  The Prohibited Firearms License The Prohibited Firearms License requires the completion of both courses that are required to obtain […]

How to Pack Your Car Efficiently

Whether you’re planning a camping trip, a bike trip, or just a long vacation, it can be very helpful to know how to pack your car efficiently. Fitting everything you need in your vehicle can be tough, but if you can follow a few simple tips, you’ll likely be pretty surprised at how much you can fit. Invest in Carrier Racks First things first, know that you don’t actually have to fit everything in your car. You can actually carry stuff on top of it pretty easily with the right carrier racks. There are all kinds of racks available. Some are built specifically for bikes while others are for cargo and other goods. These racks can free up a lot of the space in your car by allowing you to transport bigger, bulkier items up top. Pack Like Items Together On your trip, there’s a good chance you will engage in activities that require equipment. It’s smart, then, to pack all of your related equipment in the same location. So, if you’re going hiking, you would want to pack your hiking boots, your water bottle,and your backpack, for example, all together. Not only will this make locating the items you need when you need them a whole lot easier, but it will also keep you from accidentally packing more than one of anything. Be choosy though; don’t let an item take up valuable space in your car unless you’re sure you’ll use it. Keep a Clear Line of Sight It can be tempting to pack your items all the way up to the roof of your car. Don’t do it though! Staying safe on the road is more important than anything, so be sure, as you load your car, that you can see clearly out all of your mirrors. Rearrange items, no matter how much of a pain it is, if they obstruct your view. Not only is an obstructed view dangerous, but in many areas, you can get a ticket for it. Fold Down Seats Finally, make sure you fold down any and all foldable or collapsible seats. This will give you a lot more room for storing your items.  As you can see, expanding the space in your vehicle, using a carrier rack, and packing the right way isn’t all that hard. Just put safety first and follow these tips, and you shouldn’t have any problem getting yourself […]

Components Of A Physiotherapy Treatment Program For A Fractured Ankle

After you have fractured your ankle, you are going to need to have surgery and an intensive physiotherapy regimen in order to make sure that you are able to regain your full range of motion. Many people believe that they will be able to look up exercises online and do the physiotherapy program themselves, but it’s important to go to a physiotherapist for as long as your doctor recommends. There are several different components of the physiotherapy treatment program for a fractured ankle that you will not be able to do yourself. 1. Gait Training Unless you have the money to spend on expensive gait training tools, such as cameras that watch your feet and ankles in order to make sure that your feet are properly aligned, you are going to need to see a physiotherapist in order to get this component of the treatment program. Gait training is when the physiotherapist watches the way you walk in order to make sure that you are not putting stress on parts of your feet or legs that are not able to handle it. For example, if you are inadvertently trying to avoid putting stress on your fractured ankle, you might put more stress on the knee of your other leg, which could damage it. A physiotherapist will be able to notice this, point it out to you, and give you some walking exercises to prevent you from hurting any other parts of your body. 2. Restore Mobility When you first get out of surgery, you are going to experience a great deal of swelling and pain that will make it difficult for you to move your ankle yourself. A physiotherapist is able to manually manipulate your ankle for the first few weeks after your surgery to begin to restore its mobility. You will not be able to get this hands-on approach by simply watching online videos and it might take you longer to recover from your injury. 3. Strengthen Your Ankle Finally, the physiotherapist will be able to design a plan that will strengthen the part of your ankle that was injured specifically. It will be difficult for anyone at home to figure out exercises that will work the part of the ankle that was injured and not simply work the entire ankle. The physiotherapist will know exactly which exercises to prescribe. For more information about a physiotherapy treatment program for […]